When it comes to your big day, you can find the perfect luxury AC marriage hall in Medavakkam. The AC marriage hall in Medavakkam is a popular venue for both engagements and weddings. It is ideal for both traditional and modern celebrations. In addition, this hall is equipped with the latest technology.


AIYAVOO Mahal is an ac marriage hall in Chennai. Located on the Mambakkam Main Road, it is easily accessible. It is close to the Perumbaakkam Lake and Siththalapaakkam Lake. The hall has ample parking space. It can accommodate up to 50 cars and 100 two-wheelers.

The spacious hall can accommodate up to 1000 people and also has a mini hall for smaller gatherings. The hall features elegant lighting and Italian marble flooring. There’s also a water wall and an elegant staircase running the length of the lobby. The wedding venue offers all the services you need, including catering, audio/video vendors, and decorations.

This wedding hall in Chennai is the perfect blend of elegance and grandeur. With seating capacity of up to 800 guests, this venue offers the highest standards of comfort and luxury. Other amenities include an elevator and car parking. The hall also offers a modern kitchen. This venue is ideal for weddings of the rich and famous. There are also a couple of suites for the bride and groom to stay.

The hall is located on the Third Avenue and is adjacent to three other large halls. The hall has a modern kitchen and an in-house temple. The wedding hall is near Arumbakkam Metro Station. The venue is available for rent at both fixed and variable prices. The price will cover the hall rental and cleaning services.

Aiyavoo Mahal is a newly built marriage hall that provides excellent facilities and outstanding features. It is a great venue for a wedding or reception, and can accommodate up to 325 guests. It has parking for cars and buses, and is accessible to those with disabilities. It also has 25 rooms available for use. It can be customized to meet your specific needs.

The facility is fully equipped, with ample seating and a well-furnished kitchen. There is ample parking and a back-up generator. The Mahal offers LCD TVs, comfortable bedding, balconies, and attentive service. The Mahal is located within walking distance of the temple’s north entrance.

PARTY marriage halls

If you are looking for a lavish a/c marriage hall, look no further! This newly built hall offers exceptional features and amenities. Perfect for hosting a wedding or an engagement ceremony, this hall can accommodate up to three hundred and twenty guests and has ample parking space for up to sixty cars. It also has excellent d├ęcor and catering services.

The seat arrangements in these marriage halls are an important consideration. The seat arrangements convey the theme of the wedding. In addition, a proper seat arrangement improves the estimation of the wedding function. Make sure that all seats are covered. You can also get seat swaths for free online.

The best halls in the city have a range of amenities. Some of them have central air-conditioning and ample space. They also have ample parking space, a landscaped rooftop, and a professional decorator. They are conveniently located near CMBT and Anna Nagar Metro stations.

A good hall is expensive, so planning your wedding in advance is key. Good banquet halls book up early. However, you can get good quality halls at lower prices during off-season. You can also choose a daytime wedding to save money. This is a less expensive option than hosting an evening party, and the lighting and decor are also cheaper.

24 Convention

24 Convention is one of the best places to look for the best Ac Marriage Hall in Bangalore. It provides the best service to its customers and has tie-ups with more than 3000 venues in the city. It has sufficient options for all kinds of functions and provides a world-class cuisine buffet at affordable prices.

The location of the hall is convenient; it is close to the metro station and Koyambedu market. Moreover, it is accessible via the CMBT bus terminus. The venue features elegant lighting and Italian marble flooring. A grand staircase runs through the lobby. The hall has several in-house services, including catering and decor.

PARTY wedding halls

The PARTY luxury ac marriage hall is a great place for your marriage celebration. It is located in Koyambedu, close to Koyambedu metro station, market, and CMBT bus terminus. The luxury hall offers elegant lighting and Italian marble flooring. The wedding ceremony takes place in the main hall and there are luxurious suites for the bride and groom. In addition, there are additional rooms for the guests. These wedding halls provide the ultimate in convenience.

There are a number of reasons to choose M.S luxury ac marriage halls. The first is the price. The average price of a wedding hall depends on how many guests will be attending the ceremony. Typically, this price includes the hall, chairs, music system, and kitchen equipment. In addition, decorations are an additional expense.

The next benefit of choosing an PARTY luxury ac marriage hall is its excellent food. The dining hall features top-notch cuisine from around the world. Its kitchen features both non-vegetarian and vegetarian options. You can even hire a professional caterer to prepare a meal for your guests. The wedding hall also offers complimentary changing rooms for the brides. The hall’s staff understands the stress of planning and executing a wedding. It is perfect for those who want to have a grand wedding.

In addition to the beautiful halls, 24 Convention provides auxiliary services to make the wedding reception a memorable one. You can also find a photographer, photography booths, DJs, and valet service for your guests.

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