Hindu weddings in Hall is becoming popular day by day. The tradition of gifting the newly married couple with holy items dates back to the time of Charlemagne and his conversion to Islam in the seventh century. In medieval times, Muslim and Hindu rulers often had warlords who conducted raids on each other’s lands and kidnapped their women as “brides”. In order to free themselves from this evil practice, they exchanged their beautiful white brides for the captive girls of the other gender. They also exchange “vows” to establish peace in their troubled lands. Today, while conducting marriages in halli, a Muslim or a Hindu couple will exchange “vows” or” Amin” which mean Muslim holy matrimony, and “talaq” which means marriage in Hinduism.

A Muslim wedding in Halli is considered to be more auspicious than a Christian one. This is because during the time of Ramadhan, a Muslim who has reached old age will give away his daughter in marriage to her son. This is considered to be a great boon to Islam. However, it is not very common and there are very few Hindu weddings in Halli along with Hindu marriages performed by Muslims. The customs and ceremonies in these matrimonial rituals are therefore different and have their own set of rituals.

Hindu weddings in Hall  usually last for seven days. This was done to honor the coming of Lord Ram in Ayodhya after conquering Ayodhya with his army. During these marriages, the bride and groom’s family come together to celebrate the coming of the Lord. There is a lot of fun and gaiety associated in Hindu weddings in halli. This is the reason why people call these ceremonies” Ganesh Chathurthi “or “Magh Mela”.

While the bridegroom is being escorted to the hall by a group of relatives and friends, special songs are performed. The bridesmaids and the maid of honor are also made to do special dancing in order to entertain the guests. Once the bridegroom arrives at the venue, he is welcomed by the matron of honor and other members of the wedding party. After this he is welcomed by the family and friends of the bride and goes into the holy fire chamber to offer his vows to the holy fire.

In India, a wedding is basically a social occasion that is attended by close relatives of the bride along with the groom’s family. The wedding ceremonies usually end with a banquet and gifts are distributed among everyone. This is the reason why the wedding is celebrated in a grand way. It may also include a masala dinner, display of arts and crafts, dance performances by the dance queens and musicians, poetry recitation and music. The bride and the groom then walk out together to take their wedding photographs in the presence of all the members of the wedding party and relatives and friends.

Hindu weddings in Halli include many rituals. The bride is taken to the river Ganges where she becomes as a vessel filled with water. The bride is then sent along with flowers and fruits to her new home. She is married by the priest asks her to wear a white silk sari which is considered auspicious. The wedding feast is sumptuous and includes lots of food and drinks and is covered with exquisite lighting effects.

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