Mandapam is a popular hill station in the North of Thailand, which is considered to be amongst one of the best tourist destinations in the country. Travellers from all over the world come to visit the hill station and its lovely beaches. However, it is not so easy for tourists to plan a holiday in Mandapam without getting tickets from travel agents. Tourists can easily book a trip for two from any good travel agents operating in the area.

The journey starts from Chiang Mai, which is a famous hill resort town and passes through the Zaer Forest. After this trekking journey, tourists will reach the Mandapam Lake which has a picturesque view of the Thais and the Monkeys. There are many water sports available in Mandapam such as snorkelling, kayaking, rafting etc. Visitors can also enjoy some adventurous activities like fishing and camping by the lake. Other than this, trekking and rafting down the Mandapam River are also offered in this region.

One of the most popular trekking tours offered in Mandapam is the Tiger Trek which begins from the vicinity of the Tiger Resorts and ends at the Nathon Waterfall. This trekking route has wonderful views of Mount Bophut which is the main peak of the region. After reaching the Waterfall, the journey takes travelers to the renowned Tiger Temple. It is very easy to access the Tiger Temple from the trekking trail and it is just around one to two hours walk. This trekking trail is ideal for beginners who wish to learn more about the natural surroundings and enjoy the natural setting during their trip to Mandapam.

Another wonderful trekking trail is the Chaweng River trek, which starts from the vicinity of Chaweng village and covers a distance of 14 kilometers. This trekking trail provides excellent views of the village, its surrounding forest and the Nathon Waterfall. The Chaweng River trekking ticket is quite cheap as this trekking activity is popular all over the country. The best time and place to schedule your trip to visit the scenic spots in Mandapam is from April to May, as these are the dry and the coldest months in the hill station.

Another top draw attraction for tourists visiting the Mandapam area is the Tiger tour which is conducted every year from October to March. This tour covers many sites including the Tiger reserves, wildlife sanctuaries, Tiger reserves and Monsoon Bay. The ticket rate for this tour is moderately high and it is ideal for groups as well as families. The trip duration for this tour is generally four days and the tourists can also get an option for overnight stay. This tour is also available online.

Apart from this, there are many other fun filled activities that are also available to tourists during their trip to Mandapam. The Shimla Tour is also a good option as it covers beautiful landscapes of Shimla. The trip duration for this tour is generally two weeks and hence is perfect for a leisurely visit.

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