Planning a wedding can seem like an overwhelming task, but selecting the perfect venue is essential. Your marriage hall should be your first stop when booking as a couple and set the atmosphere for your entire celebration.

When searching for a wedding hall in Anna Nagar, whether you’re after something grand or budget friendly, there are plenty of options to choose from! Here are some things to keep in mind when making your selection:

Price per plate

In Chennai, the cost per plate at a restaurant varies based on cuisine and how many guests are in attendance. A buffet may range from Rs. 220 to 400; vegetarian options start at around Rs. 250 and go higher according to guests’ preferences.

Weddings are momentous occasions that should be honored with great splendor and sophistication. Selecting the ideal banquet hall for your nuptials will help create a timeless atmosphere that will be remembered fondly throughout lifetime.

Anna Nagar offers a range of marriage halls to suit your needs and help plan an unforgettable ceremony. However, finding one that perfectly meets both your requirements and budget can be challenging.

For those planning a simple wedding and looking to save money, government banquet halls are an ideal choice. Not only do these halls boast lawns, parking spaces and ample catering facilities at reasonable prices – but their high level of service and upkeep by the local authority makes them especially desirable.

In addition to government banquet halls, Anna Nagar also offers a selection of other halls. These include kalyana mandapams, reception halls and mini banquet halls.

If you’re searching for a traditional or fusion wedding, Anna Nagar offers plenty of choices. Dakshinachitra, an offbeat venue on the Eastern Corridor (ECR), showcases local culture through art displays and handicrafts.

For those wanting a truly Tamil wedding, this cultural hub offers great options. Enjoy performances from the local community and savor an array of traditional cuisines.

The great thing about these halls is their affordability. Most charge a few thousand dollars for ceremonies with up to 200 guests, and some can even accommodate up to 2,000 individuals.

If you’re uncertain which wedding hall to select, ShowMyHall can provide a list of the top venues in Anna Nagar and assist with selecting one that meets your requirements.


If you’re planning a wedding in Anna Nagar, there are plenty of grand halls that will suit your requirements. Just be mindful of the available budget for your event when making a booking.

Additionally, there are many parks and places of worship nearby. Furthermore, living here is very convenient with top-rated schools and colleges just a short drive away.

Anna Nagar offers a wide range of restaurants that serve both Indian and international cuisine. Popular spots include Haunted for South Indian dishes, The Cascade for Chinese food and The Cycle Gap for continental and north Indian fare.

In addition to these restaurants, there are more in the area. For instance, The Cycle Gap serves a range of international cuisines while The Cascade is an award-winning restaurant that serves both Indian and Chinese dishes.

When dining out at these restaurants, prices for meals will depend on your budget. On average, meals here range from Rs 1,000 to Rs 1,500 per plate.

You could even provide your guests with a buffet-style menu to save on food costs.


Anna Nagar, Chennai has many wedding halls to choose from but it’s essential to find the one that perfectly fits your requirements and budget. With so many choices available, finding a suitable venue should not only be easy – just look around!

Finding a suitable marriage hall requires comparison shopping on the internet. There are many websites offering lists of reliable and quality venues, such as WedMeGood which provides thousands of wedding venues throughout America. With this platform you can compare prices and create a shortlist of vendors you like.

Anna Nagar boasts some of the finest wedding halls, such as Aiyavoo Mahal, 24 Convention and Vasudeva Kalyana Mandapam. These spaces are spacious enough to accommodate large groups of people for unforgettable celebrations.

Another popular venue is Aiyavoo Kalyana Mandapam in Nungambakkam. This long-running marriage hall has multiple rooms, central air-conditioning and plenty of car parking space to suit any need.

This venue can accommodate 1000 guests in 10 rooms and provides on-site catering and decor services. With such a large capacity, the place makes for an enjoyable stay for everyone.

The company charges money up front to book the hall, yet fails to refund it when weddings are cancelled weeks beforehand. Furthermore, they fail to charge GST on all collected amounts.

He suggests that parties seeking refunds assemble evidence of their payments by recording conversations with the marriage hall when requesting a refund. After doing so, they can file an application in court to receive their advance amount.

Anna Nagar is a popular residential area in Chennai, named after the former chief minister of Tamil Nadu C. N. Annadurai and located north-western part of the city. It’s considered one of Chennai’s premier residential areas and home to numerous prominent doctors, lawyers and politicians.

This area has been carefully planned with wide roads and plenty of greenery. It boasts excellent connectivity and social services, plus there are premiuAiyavoochools, colleges and major hospitals nearby. Furthermore, it boasts several parks as well as being a senior-friendly neighborhood.

For excellent dining in the area, check out The Opium Bar and Flying Bottles.

These restaurants are among the best in town and a must-visit for foodies. They boast an impressive menu as well as an inviting environment that’s suitable for any celebration.

It is beneficial to select a restaurant that provides free Wi-Fi and has its own parking area. This will make finding a spot easier, helping you sidestep any costly charges in the future.

If you’re searching for a place to stay while visiting Anna Nagar, there are plenty of hotels nearby that will meet your requirements. Many offer amenities like air conditioning, TV with DTH service, free Wi-Fi and breakfast – making them ideal for business or pleasure travelers alike.

There are also plenty of apartments in the area that provide luxury living at reasonable prices. They come fully furnished and include a range of amenities you can take advantage of while staying there.

These apartments are an ideal choice for those who want to be close to the city centre but still enjoy privacy. They feature amenities such as a kitchenette and washer/dryer.

They are conveniently situated close to major transport hubs in the city. The metro line is close by, as are numerous bus routes that pass through the area.

Moovit makes riding public transit in Anna Nagar simple. Just download the app to view real-time schedules and step-by-step directions for buses, trains and metro stations. Plus, it helps you locate the closest stops near your destination so that you can get there quickly and comfortably.

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