Marriage is always full of anxiety and a marriage which is in the state of marriage manual, is even more so. A marriage Mandap is basically a temporary mandap erected for the sole purpose of a Jain or Hindu wedding. Usually the big, expensive weddings are held under this special mandate. If you are planning to get married under this special occasion then there are several points that you should keep in mind before getting your marriage manual arranged.

A marriage manual can be used for many purposes. In fact, marriage manual has been used by both the Hindu and Jain religions and in India the concept of marriage is seen as very special and auspicious occasion. This is why many couples prefer to get their marriage ceremonies conducted under a marriage manual and use it as an auspicious platform to signify the holy marriage. It is also believed that marriage will help the couple to stay together and increase their conjugal happiness. This is why most of the marriages are arranged under a marriage manual and it is seen as a great blessing.

However, getting a marriage ceremony done under a marriage manual can turn out to be an expensive affair. As a result many couples choose not to get their marriage ceremonies under this kind of a format. Although in the west this type of marriage ceremony is rare but in India it is quite common. In most of the marriages which are arranged under a marriage manual both the husband and the wife to pay a visit to the marriage manual and take turns to sit on it. Then after a brief talk, the marriage ceremony is performed and a lock of each other’s hair is wrapped around the wrist of the bride. This lock of hair symbolizes that after this marriage the woman is now free from her marital bind and no longer bound to her husband’s hair.

Another reason for which marriage ceremonies are arranged under a marriage manual is to avoid any kind of last minute rowdiness or misunderstandings during the marriage ceremony. As you all know, marriage is supposed to be a fairytale ending to a wonderful love story. Therefore, the marriage ceremony should be conducted in a very smooth manner and there should be no mishaps or delays. The marriage manual arranged by the bride’s family is a way out to ensure that no marital issues come up at the wedding gets underway without any hassles or problems. The marriage manual also helps to save time and money of the couple.

Although the marriage manual is considered to be a tradition of the Indian culture, many western countries have also adopted it. It is not that the marriage ceremony under a marriage manual is considered inferior compared to the traditional weddings. Rather it is a kind of a blessing for those couples who want to tie the knot without wasting too much of time and money on the marriage ceremony. Although it may seem odd, the younger generation especially in the west has come to consider a marriage ceremony under a marriage manual as very regal and grand. Hence, it is gaining a lot of popularity these days.

However, before you get into the marriage manual, you should first consult with your parents and discuss with them the marriage mandap that they want you to follow for your marriage ceremony. You must understand that this marriage ceremony is more like a contract that will bind the two families. Hence, you should be cautious enough when you go for the marriage ceremony. Although the marriage ceremony under a marriage manual is considered to be sacred and the wedding vows spoken by the couple is the most important part, it does not mean that you have to follow all of your parents’ wishes regarding the marriage ceremony. You should make your own choice if you want to do so.

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